Massage Therapy

Classic Signature Massage

The therapist will use a variety of techniques including Therapeutic Swedish Massage to relax your tired and sore muscles, improve circulation and provide you with an overall sense of well being! Our favorite client “Go to” massage!

  • 30 minutes – $35
  • 60 minutes – $60
  • 90 minutes – $90
  • 120 minutes – $120

Classic Deep Tissue Massage

The therapist will work more deeply during this session as deep tissue massage is similar to Therapeutic Swedish massage with deeper pressure given to release chronic muscle tension. You might feel a bit sore initially after this session. Be sure to communicate with your therapist during this session regarding the right amount of pressure for you!

  • 30 minutes – $40
  • 60 minutes – $70

Classic Scalp Massage

Relaxing and invigorating! Your scalp will tingle after this session!

  • 30 minutes – $30

Hot Stone Massage

Therapist uses heated stones as tools to soften your muscles and melt away any stress or tension you may be experiencing leaving your warm, cozy and relaxed!

  • 60 minutes – $80
  • 75 minutes – $90

Classic Foot Reflexology & Relaxing Foot Massage

Foot Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is a form of bodywork which involves the application of pressure to specific areas of the feet using the thumb, finger and hand without the therapist using oil or lotion. At the conclusion of the Reflexology session, the therapist will provide a soothing foot massage and work a a moisturizing lotion into the feet followed by a hot towel finish. Your feet will thank you!

  • 60 minutes – $70

Classic Express Foot Reflexology

An abbreviated version of our hour Reflexology session with a foot massage and hot towel finish! Your feet will thank you!

  • 30 minutes – $35
  • 60 minutes – $70

Hot Stone Reflexology and Foot Massage

The therapist uses the addition of tiny warm basalt stones as tools to warm the foot as pressure is applied to specific zones of the feet during the Reflexology session. Afterwards, moisturizing lotion is massaged into the feet to soften the skin. Hot towel finish. Nice!

  • 60 minutes – $75

Sticks & Stones

Sticks and Stones combines the warmth of both heated bamboo rods and basalt stones together for a relaxing experience. The therapist uses these natural tools, in addition to her hands, to warm the tissue and to provide pressure to tense and sore muscles.

  • 75 minutes – $90

Shiatsu – Acupressure Bodywork

Shiatsu is a clothed form of massage/acupressure bodywork. Therapist applies pressure to specific zones on the body located along the energy meridians. Rocking, range of motion and gentle stretching techniques may be used. Stimulates blood and lymphatic flow, as well as offers relief from pain and stress reduction. Very relaxing!
Note: Please wear loose and comfortable clothing. This massage is performed on a futon on the floor.

  • 75 minutes – $90

Bamboo Fusion Massage

The Therapist uses heated bamboo rods to warm up and soften the muscle tissue to provide a luxurious massage and a firmer, deeper pressure if this is desired by the client. The rods are employed as tools during the session in addition to the therapist using traditional massage techniques with the hands, forearms, etc… So relaxing!

  • 75 minutes – $90